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PLS 481 Final: Ch5 Practice Multiple Choice QuestionsExam

Political Science
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PLS 481
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1. A line-item veto allows
a. The governor to reject any single item in an appropriations or budget bill
b. The speaker or president pro tempore to pull any single item from the agenda
c. A single member to block a single piece of legislation by signing a written objection
d. A petition by a group of 10 legislators to block any single piece of legislation
2. Proposition 140
a. Limits the time that legislators can serve in Sacramento
b. Limits the legislature from raising property taxes
c. Sets aside 40% of the budget for education purposes
d. Requires the speaker to assign staff to the minority party
3. The legislature is composed of
a. 80 members in the Senate, and 40 in the Assembly
b. 120 members in a single body
c. 60 members in each body
d. 80 members in the Assembly and 40 in the Senate
4. A 2/3 vote is needed to pass
a. Appropriation bills
b. Budget bills
c. Tax bills
d. All of the above
5. Partisanship in the legislature
a. Has declined because of apportionment
b. Has declined because of the blanket primary now in effect
c. Has led to greater ease in getting budgets improved
d. Has increased in recent years
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