Steinbeck: Of mice and Men

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Sally Baxter

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In Steinbeck's novel Of Mice and Men , the characters are pointedly as " lonely dreamer. " There was a stock market crash in 1929 , all in economically weak . George and Lennie are two men who work on a ranch . You can meet many complications. Crooks one of the farmers wanted to be like everyone else. Candy is a bad old swamper , the family is forced and Curley woman wants to be a movie star , but can not , so they all suffer and therefore sleep and lonely. George Milton is a lonely dreamer who has a friend named Lennie Small , who is very immature and George is an outcast among the peasants. The company does George Lennie feel alone and make a picture in your mind of a dream ranch. George thinks that they are ( Lennie and George ) the loneliest farmers because they family says George Lennie : " Guys like us , that work on ranches are the loneliest guys in the world. You have no family. Include non everywhere. ( Steinbeck 31-32) This loneliness is expressed by George talk about the non-existent family. George does not have quality conversations with someone of their age, because Lennie is very immature. George wants to talk to a family and someone who understands . George Milton dream a lot . Always keeps complaining that he had to take care of Lennie , but if I could get fifty dollars to work on another job. Then came the money and go buy something that you like, or go to a brothel. George was to dream definitely , because He not only let Lennie and please his own will , he says what he feels Lennie : "On" when the end of the month I came 'd take my $ 50 and go to a cat house .... ... " ( Steinbeck 145 : 2000 Ed ) George was not allowed to leave Lennie , galloping and get money is impossible, because George promised Aunt Clara and he would feel guilty leaving Lennie do not know how to handle things . George was in a very difficult position. Lennie did not have much of a family who scolds except George Lennie all the time. If George had a fight with Lennie Lennie then feel very lonely and have no one to talk to. When Lennie friend George did then you would be happy because I know that George and Lennie George has to take care of each other so that they express their feelings for George : "Because ..... because I take care of myself and I have to take care of you , and that's why. " ( Steinbeck 32 : 2000 Ed . ) Since the two had then not feel so alone and another Lennie had someone to talk to . It was to look after the work of George take Lennie , so they had to stay together. Lennie Small has dreams as we do. George thinks of a dream garden and sets Lennie Lennie respect because he " tend to , so that they still want to hear about the garden rabbits. He also wants to be more than what it is in the garden to hear and Lennie imagines all because it is not the dream garden, so it asks again : "Come on, George ! Tell me what you are in the garden and about the rabbits in the cages and about the rain in the winter and have the stove. " ( Steinbeck 32 : 2000 Ed ) Lennie really like animals and soft things for what they really want to rain on rabbits and experience in winter stroke while it is in the imaginary garden. Crooks is a lonely man because he did not have many friends and is a victim of racial prejudice . From Crooks nobody with him has always feel bored at night and do nothing , just think good fellowship , equality, what is what and who is excluded and other racist are on him. Since he an African-American and the other people are white. Th
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