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PSYC 341 Lecture 3: Homework 8 - Kim TranExam

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PSYC 341
Timothy Tran
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Homework 8:
Describe the secondary gain associated with the symptoms and think of ways to counteract
secondary gain. What are some of the ways that a person receives reinforcement for being ill?
Develop a list of possible symptoms. Then describe the secondary gain that a person may receive.
Finally, provide ways to remove secondary gain.
Secondary gain is defined as the advantage that occurs secondary to started or real illness.
Or, is also defined as how we gain benefits from running diseases and illness. Transition into the
sick role may have some incidental secondary gains for patients. Type of secondary gain including
using illness for personal advantage, exaggerating symptoms, consciously using symptoms for
gain, and unconsciously presenting symptoms with no physiological basis. These symptoms may
contribute to the social breakdown syndrome and the patient’s choice to remain in the sick role.
There are 3 ways I think that can use to counteract secondary gain. The 1st one is thinking
of a situation or persistent problem when you are not doing the things that any reasonable person
would do to help solve/improve the problem. For instance, you can ask yourself what the benefits
are you are getting from staying stuck and what are the fears perceived from succeeding. Then,
you will consequently isolate your personal fear factor. The 2nd is you have effectively discovered
the excuse for the root cause for the secondary gain such as I am shy when I am making myself
less desirable in others’ eyes in order to avoid the repetition of a past abusive experience. The last
one is you should consider ways in which you could create the alternative thought, feeling or
behavior to replace the original such as I can be proud of who I am since what happed to me in the
past was not my fault.
Some people, who is suffering from social anxiety, are more likely to experiencing in
secondary gain. For example, Jenny experiences social anxiety, but when she is learning more
about her condition, she feels understood. Then, she created an identity around having anxiety.
Therefore, having social anxiety is reinforces by feeling understood. I think the best way for Jenny
to remove secondary gain for her situation is she needs to ask herself what the benefits are she is
getting from experiencing social anxiety and what are the fears she perceived from not
experiencing from social anxiety.
Moreover, some people, who is scared of letting people close to them. They tend to act
outlandishly, and people withdraw from them. Acting outlandishly is reinforced. For instance,
Tyler is scared of letting people get lose to him, and he is a bit of an outcast due to his disruptive
and chaotic behavior and so people naturally withdraw form him. In this case, I think Tyler should
learn the helpful ways of dealing with his temper/behavior that help him get less trapped and keep
more self-respect.
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