CDFS 408 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Selfishness, Leapfrogging, Attachment Theory

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Chapter 1
1. Later life parenthood and low fertility rates in Western societies are related to?
a. Gender ideology
b. Education Attainment
c. Career Establishment
d. Both b and c
2. The transition to parenthood is closely tied to the _________________period during which women
spend their childbearing years.
a. Social
b. Economic
c. Historic
d. All the above
3. In 2000, the states with the lowest and highest average age of mothers respectively were
___________ and _____________.
a. Arkansas and California
b. Mississippi and Massachusetts
c. Mississippi and California
d. Arkansas and Massachusetts
Chapter 2
1. Which theory assumes that in order to understand behavior we have to understand the meaning
behind the behavior?
a. Symbolic Interaction Theory
b. Attachment Theory
c. Life Course Theory
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