KIN 201 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Problem Solving

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23 Oct 2016

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What is an academic discipline? a body of knowledge organized around a theme. What is a sub-disciplines? a specialized discipline within a discipline. What are the sub-disciplines of kinesiology? pedagogy, sport psychology, athletic training, tness education, and exercise science. A discipline focused on human physical activity. What are three dimensions of kinesiology? physical activity experience scholarly study of physical activity professional practice centered in physical activity. Intentional, voluntary movement directed toward achieving an identi able goal. What are the three dimensions of physical activity? engaging or watching physical activity scholarly activity professional practice. A form of physical activity to improve athletic or military performance, improve health, and regain performance after an injury or disease. Sport involves the performance of skilled movements in a competitive situation according to pre established rules. Accuracy of direction, force, and rhythm or timing to accomplish a predetermined goal.

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