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Health Sciences
HSCI 337
Deborah Forman

Health Sciences 377 final Know what vitamins regulates? compounds that help regulate many vital body body processes, including the digestion, absorption, and metabolism of others nutrients. Why are vitamins important? Essential substancesSmall amounts in the diet for Normal function, Growth Maintenance of the body Different form of Vitamins A that correct carotenoids can be converted to retinoid? Proformed carotenoids are found only in plant products and can be converted to active form retinoid Preformed vitamins A from animal products Proformed vitamins A carotenoids from fruits and vegetables Where is vitamins A are stored? 80 are stored in the liver Stored mainly in liver in the form of retinyl esters **Vitamins A deficiency participates night blindness **Good source of provitamins A apricot **Severe deficiency of Vitamins A in children is retarded growth and blindness Know the definition of teratogen? Active, found only in animal product Vitamin A excess and deficiency are known to cause birth defects **Mucositis forming cell in VA deficiency will result in keratin Why Vitamins D a hormone? Best time day to get Vitamins D? 113pm, 20 minutes to 2 hours What is the active form for Vitamins D? ** Vitamins E is an antioxidant What deficiency that cause a type of anemia? Vitamins E deficiency Hemolytic anemia Name the vitamins deficiency that might happen when taking antibiotics? Vitamins K What vitamins is essential for blood clotting? Vitamins K **Xerophthalmia is deficiency of Vitamins A
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