GPHD 5 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Book Design, Paul Rand, False Dilemma

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9 Jan 2019
GPDH 5: Quiz #1
1. The false dichotomy explained in our first lecture claimed that Fine Art &
Applied Art were on 2 different sides of an Art spectrum. (True)
2. Graphic design is NOT a commercial art. (False)
3. Quentin Newark said, “the graphic designer is someone who is always
making sense of material, ___mediating___ it through the forms and codes
of visual language.”
4. The three spheres of the Design Model are aesthetics, organization and
5. In the Design Model, under the aesthetics sphere, if a composition can
garner viewer appeal, it will lead to ___attention________.
6. The intersection between the three spheres in the Design Model is known
as ____design_____.
7. Designer Paul rand once said: “To design is to transform prose into
8. Book design includes the genres of trade, professional, textbook, and the
mass media ____paper back_______.
9. The 2 divisions of book design include interior and ____jacket_____ design.
10. The principal of gestaltis explained in the following quote, “the whole is
greater than the ___sum____ of its parts.
11. The gestalt principle that deals w/ a stated difference in contrast is
___figure ground_______.
12. The gestalt principle that deals w/. the nearness of parts is known as
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