GPHD 5 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Massimo Vignelli, Cash Machine, Otto Neurath

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9 Jan 2019
GPHD 5: Quiz #3
1. Richard Saul. Wurman coined the phrase ___information architecture___
2. In information design, the creator of pictorial sign symbols was ___Otto
3. ____information anxiety______ is the blackhole between data &
knowledge, and it happens when information doesn’t tell us what we want
or need to know.
4. In information design, ___technology_____ should be used because we
should, not because we can.
5. Massimo Vignelli is known for the phrase “fight against __the ugliness___.”
6. In the essay, a call for criticism, Massimo Vignelli states that criticism wil
prevent the superficial spread of _fads__.
7. In my ten tips for more effective critiquing, #1 is: Critique prepared
8. In my ten tips for more effective critiquing, # 4 is: Critique using
9. In the Drawing/ Visualization lecture, I displayed a diagram of eyes, brains,
and a hand clasping a pencil. What did the pair of eyes on the right side of
the diagram represent? __vision___
10. Milton Glaser feels that drawing is essential to understanding _form__.
11. Ux stand for __User experience__.
12. Which item is less of an emphasis for a UI designer. (False)
13. A person cannot be both a UX and UI designer. (False)
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