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Applied Math
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APPM 1350
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APPM 1350 Exam 2 Spring 2017
INSTRUCTIONS: Books, notes, and electronic devices are not permitted. Write (1) your full name,
(2) 1350/Exam 2, (3) lecture number/instructor name and (4) SPRING 2017 on the front of your blue-
book. Make a grading table for 4 problems and a total. Do all problems. Start each problem on a new
page. Box your answers. A correct answer with incorrect or no supporting work may receive no credit, while
an incorrect answer with relevant work may receive partial credit. Justify your answers, show all work.
1. (a)(10pts) Find y0if y= tan(xcos(x2)).
(b)(10pts) If xg(x)+2g0(x)=x2and g0(0) = πand g(0) = 10, find g00(0).
(c)(5pts) Which of the five choices given below is equivalent to y0if y=sin x
? Pick only one answer,
no justification necessary -be sure to copy down the entire answer, don’t just write down the letter of
your choice:
(A)2sin(x) cos(x)
2(x+ 1) (B)cos(x)(x+ 1) sin(x)
(x+ 1)2(C)2sin(x) cos(x)
(x+ 1)22sin
(x+ 1)3
(x+ 1)2(E)cos2(x)(x+ 1) sin(x)
(x+ 1)4
2. (a)(10pts) Suppose that 3 f0(x)5 for all values of x. Show that 18 f(8) f(2) 30. Hint: This
problem can be done using one of the theorems we studied. Be sure to state the theorem you are using
and justify why it applies. Show all work.
(b)(15pts) Ralphie is observing balloon launches with a telescope. Suppose a ballon is rising 400 feet
from where Ralphie is standing. If the balloon rises at a rate of 20 feet per minute, how fast is the an-
gle between the ground and the telescope changing when the balloon is 300 feet high? (See diagram below.)
Problem 2: Ralphie observes a balloon launch!
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