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BCOR 1015 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Call Option, List Of The Inbetweeners Episodes, Bacon

Business Core
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BCOR 1015
Nancy Chapple
Study Guide

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1. Why Not Socialism? G.A. Cohen Guide for Chapter 1
and 2
1. Cohen presents a preliminary case in favor of socialism
2. Each chapter will give more and more details concerning socialism and whether it
benefits society
3. Ultimately, is the preliminary case more convincing than final reflections about
4. Socialism = a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that
the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by
the community as a whole
Chapter 1: The Camping Trip
Many people go on a camping trip, and every single person is EQUAL – there is no
Everyone has the SAME access to all the equipment, food, games, etc.
Everyone on the trip has the opportunity to “flourish,” and everyone must do their part
on the trip to ensure everyone else gets the opportunity to relax
To question the norm/value of equality would “contradict the spirit of the trip”
There are 4 examples of why any private ownership on this camping trip is bad:
A. Harry is a talented fisher, and catches a large quantity of excellent fish. As a
result, he entitles himself to eating the most and the best fish since he did all the
work himself. The other campers are unhappy with his selfishness.
B. Sylvia accidentally discovers a huge apple tree filled with apples. Since she found
it herself, she tells the other campers they can only have apples if she gets some
reward like more bacon at breakfast or more room in the tent.
C. The campers discover a large amount of nuts in the woods, yet only Leslie has
the skill to crack them open. She thus wants to charge the other campers to
open nuts for them since she is the only one who can do so.
D. Morgan has knowledge from her father that there is a pond filled with good fish
just beyond the campsite. She is not planning on sharing the location of the
pond, and decides she will get a better dinner than everyone else.
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