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University of Colorado - Boulder
Business Core
BCOR 1015
Beth Cross

FINAL!! Theory X, Y, Z **What theory would you use when running a business and why? Theory X – workers don’t like to work and are more motivated through getting paid by output as opposed to hourly. Would require close supervision. Theory Y – People have a tendency to like to work and like to participate in the decision making. Theory Z – Run on of Theory Y. People participate in quality circles, participative management, self directed work teams. Emphasizes employees involvement in decision making. Intrinsic rewards – internal Extrinsic rewards – external Quality, why is it important why is it used. Quality is free = it’s free because it costs you more to fix quality after the product is released then when you are originally making the product. Reliability – whatever vehicle you use to test somebody. Says no matter what you use to test it every one will come up with the same results regardless of who gives it. SIG: helps you to get the same top performers Validity – when you test for a certain set of skills or characteristics for the job. SIG: hire people that have the right skills to do the job and have lower termination rates. Both of these used mainly in selection and appraisal. Adverse Impact – make sure hiring is ethical so you do not impact one group. Broad brush lay off when adverse impact comes in play. When things can be seen as discriminator
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