SOCY 1016 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Cecile Richards, Sex Organ, Secondary Sex Characteristic

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28 Nov 2017
Helen Pham, March 3rd, 2017
“This Is How Planned Parenthood Is Fighting To Survive”
With the new government forming this year in the United States many women are scared for what
this government may take away from them. In the article, “This Is How Planned Parenthood Is Fighting
To Survive” explains Planned Parenthood as one of the largest non-profit organizations where women can
obtain birth control and have the procedure of an abortion. President Donald Trump has signed an
executive order to defund the organization. The President of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, is
struggling to keep the organization alive and give all women the right to their bodies. Exhausting every
option they have, Cecile Richards is fighting to stay afloat losing over 500 million dollars in government
1. Sex: Physical differences in primary sexual characteristics (the presence of organs directly
involved in reproduction) and secondary sexual characteristics (such as patterns of hair growth,
the amount of breast tissue, and distribution of body fat.
In order to distinguish who is affected by this executive order being signed we must look
directly at the sex of the person.
Planned parenthood supplies needs for humans with female reproductive organs.
Therefore, males are not directly affected.
2. Gender: The symbolism of masculinity and femininity that we connect to being male-bodied or
Female-bodied people that associate themselves with femininities are deserving of the
option to do what they want with their bodies.
The signing of this order only directly affects the gender of being a female-bodied
As a male bodied person, you would not lose anything from Planned Parenthood directly.
Chapter 2:
3. Ideology: A set of ideas widely shared by members of a society that guides identities, behaviors,
and institutions.
There’s the ideology among women and even some men where it is believed that women
have the right to their own bodies. Even if they cannot afford it themselves.
There’s another ideology among the other side (“pro-life”) where it is believed that a
woman should never stop or try to control her natural reproductive actions.
4. Associative Memory: A phenomenon in which cells in our brains that process and transmit
information make literal connections between concepts, such that some ideas are associated with
other ideas.
There is an associative memory with the idea that birth control is only something a
woman must deal with.
There are ways that men can prevent getting a woman pregnant, but because it is the
women who carries the baby it has been a constant idea that women need to regulate
themselves if they are sexually active.
From history in our society we associate women getting pregnant to be mainly the fault
of the women, not the men.
Chapter 3:
5. Sexual Dimorphism: Differences between males and females in appearance and behavior.
Cecile Richards clearly shows her gender at the meeting by wearing a hot pink blazer she
sets herself aside from the other males in the room, but she also has a short pixie hair cut.
Richards behavior however is no different from the males she has dealt with through the
entire process.
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