SPEC 4383 Study Guide - Final Guide: Dysarthria, Aphasia, Neologism

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Speech treatment: neurogenic speech/ language disorders, aphasia- language based neurogenic disorder, apraxia- motor speech based impairments, dysarthria- motor speech based impairments. * they can occur together in the same individual: aphasia- group of disorders that are language based and result from brain damage. Can result in impairment to the comprehension and/or formulation of language across modalities (all venues of communication). Brain damage caused by stroke or cva. * damage to the left hemisphere that causes aphasia. * accompanied by other disorders like motor or sensory disorders. * right side in damage = left side impairment and vice versa. Agrammatism- deficit of syntax that is characterized by the omission of function words with a focus on content words. Ex: if you see a person sleeping one might say man/bed , bed/sleep. They adhere to the phonological rules of language but are not real. Anomia/ anomic errors- errors of word retrieval. Perservation/ echolalia- continuation of a behavior once it no longer relevant.

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