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DANC 38A Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Margot Fonteyn, Vaslav Nijinsky, Doris HumphreyExam

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Warren Lucas
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1. Ojbective judgements must be public, shareable can be proved or
and open the mind.
2. what is the reciprocal of expression?
3. what is an abstract ballet?
abstract ballet has no story lines, and focus on the
4. In 1909, the Ballet Russe starred Vaslav Nijinsky and
Anna Pavlova
5. In the 1960's, Margot Fonteyn was a star with the Royal Ballet and
her famous partner was
Rudolf Nureyev
6. Nichel FOkine can be considered to be the father of abstract
True or False?
To what histroical eras do each of these individuals belong?
7. Doris Humphrey modern dance
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8. Alwin Nikolais post modern dance
9. Vaslav Nijinsky Ballet
10. Martha Graham Modern Dance
11. Merce CUnningham post modern dance
12. Ruth St. Denis modern dance
13. Alvin Ailey modern dance
14. Marius Petipa was the choreographer of the "Sleeping Beauty" and "
The Nutcracker".
15. Geroge Balanchie can be considered to be the father of the
contemporary ballet.
Flase, the father of the contenporary ballet is Michael Fokine
instead of George.
16. What are the main differences between world conert ritual dance,
folk dance, and social dance?
ritual dance is to maintain the culture
folk dance is everybody dacne for particiption
soical dance is to meet other sex
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