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[ANAT 102] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 44 pages long Stud..
[ANAT 102] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 44 pages long Study Guide!

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Drexel University
ANAT 102
Michael Kirifides

[ANAT 102] Comprehensive Final Exam guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at Anatomy Ch 13 Efferent - Toward someone else/ goes away - Motor - Efferent Organ (target organ of motor path) Afferent - to yourself or target Dorsal - posterior or spinal column Ventral- anterior of spinal column CNS - Tracts (bundle of axons that travel between the CNS - Nuclei (cell bodies that project the axons into the tracts) PNS (outside) - Nerves (bundle of axons in the peripheral that transmit info from the skin to the CNS) - Nerve plexus (branched intersecting nerves made of motor and sensory fiber) - ganglia (clusters of neuronal cell bodies) - Enteric plexus (plexus of neurons around the GI Tract) - Sensory Receptors in skin, joints and muscles Segments of the Nervous System Somatic Nervous System (the body) - Somatic sensory (Sensation from skin, joint and muscle) - Somatic motor (voluntary control of skeletal muscles) Autonomic Nervous System - Self generated movement w/o voluntary control triggered by hypothalamus - Sweating, shaking - Motor neurons - sympathatic (fight or flight) - Parasympathetic (rest) Enteric Nervous System - Gi tract, kidneys, heart - Involuntary Spinal Cord Anatomy - Protective Structures: 1) Bony skull and vertebral column a) Provides shelter for the enclosed spinal cord find more resources at
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