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Angel Chen English 02-28-13 Father and Son United Fathers in The Odyssey like to stand in power and act as a role model to their sons. Zeus is the father of all gods and rules over the mortals with an iron fist. Poseidon is a “son” of Zeus and often goes to him for help. Odysseus and Telemachus are the leading father-son that overcome their own flaws and then they go out and defeat the wretched suitors. All of the cyclops like Poly look up to Poseidon for help and pray to him for blessings. In The Odyssey Odysseus, Zeus, and Poseidon work together with their son to defeat bigger threats while still remaining in power because fathers want to be a role model to their sons, so they will follow in his footsteps. The first F-S relationship that is most seen throughout The Odyssey is Odysseus and Telemachus. Even though they don’t see each other for 20 years, they are always thinking how the other one is doing and wishing they could meet each other. When Telemachus was in the house dealing with the horrible suitors, he thinks to himself,” He could almost see his magnificent father, if only he might drop from the clouds and drive those suitors all in a rout throughout the halls(I.134-137).” Telemachus is wishing that his father would come down and help him out because he is not ready yet to challenge the suitors. This shows that Telemachus is a weak kid and needs his heroic father to save him from the plot of the suitors. However as the story progresses, Telemachus becomes more of a man figure and works with Odysseus to take out the suitors since his father cannot do everything by himself and needs another man to help him. When he says,” I’m hardly a flighty, weak-willed boy these days. But I think your last plan would gain us nothing (XVI.344-346),” it indicates that Telemachus is not agreeing with his father and wants him to plot a better plan together because Telemachus wants to work with his father to take down the suitors. It also shows that Telemachus is challenging his father over the throne of power and Odysseus still wants to remain in power. When Telemachus was about to string Odysseus’s bow, his father shakes his head and doesn’t allow him to string him. It seems like Odysseus stops Telemachus so that he won’t reveal his power to the suitors, but actually Odysseus stops him to prevent his son from taking his throne of power. Odysseus wants to be the one in charge so that his son will look up to him at the same time they are working together to face their problems. Secondly, there is the relationship between the Cyclops and Poseidon who work together to stop Odysseus. The cyclops look up to their father Poseidon, a god, so he can do anything he wants to do with a snap of his finger. Poly was a cyclops who got injured in his one eye by the tricky Odysseus who claims that his name was “Nobody”. Poly prayed to Poseidon,” If I am really am your son and you claim to be my father- come, grant that Odysseus, Laertes’ son who makes his home in Ithaca, never reaches home(IX.587-590).” By doing this, it shows that Poly needs his father’s help to get revenge on his enemy because Poly is not capable enough to tak
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