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Review Topics CHEM 101 Exam 2.pdf

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Drexel University
CHEM 101
Monica Ilies

CHEM 101 Exam 2 Review Topics 1. What is electromagnetic radiation? 2. Define the main characteristics of an electromagnetic radiation : wavelength, amplitude, frequency, and energy. Know how to calculate them using given mathematical formulas. Know the corresponding units of measure. Know the order of magnitude for the wavelength range corresponding to the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum. 3. Define spectrum. Define continuous vs. line-spectrum. 4. What is the photoelectric effect? 5. Define quantum and photons. 6. Bohr model of the hydrogen atom: - hypotheses and conclusions; - experimental facts that this model explains well; - limitations; - know how to calculate the difference in energy, ∆E, between two allowed energetic levels in this model. 7. Define ground vs. excited states. Define absorption vs. emission. Know how to compare qualitatively transitions between different energy levels: - are such transitions associated with the same amount of energy? - do radiations associated with such transitions have the same wavelength? 8. Quantum numbers: - allowed values; - chemical significance; - Pauli exclusion principle; - Problem-SolvingExample7.6; p. 291. - Problem-Solving Practice7.6; p. 291 (Answer on p. A49). 9. Orbitals: - definition; - notations; - how many orbitals per shell; - how many orbitals per sub
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