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30 Mar 2017

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Anthropology - the study of humans: time & space: longitudinal perspective (human experience) All of the humans past and present (human ancestors) How have humans been able to survive these experiences: all geographic areas. Biological (or physical: human evolution, biological variation. Cultural: cultural variations (diversity, cultural universals (found in all societies around the world) Archaeology: reconstruct customs of past peoples, study human remains. It is learned - enculturation; instilled within you at an early age of the appropriate etiquette and behavior (repercussions involved if you do not follow the social rules); began through childhood socialization (those immediately around you influenced your behavior) It is shared - understanding; utilize culture to make you feel like you belong to a group; must share similar set of ideas and beliefs (sense of group identity) It is adaptive (mostly) - survival; how do they survive in a vast number of physical environments (food strategies, shelter, hunting and gathering, etc. )

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