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GEOG 1000 Study Guide - Final Guide: Geopolitics, Hegemony

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GEOG 1000
Beth Bee
Study Guide

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Question Answer
the practice of reading and writing
“signs" semiotics
“natural" hipsters are a form of this
type of culture popular culture
a set of practices and identities
that a culture attaches to
people and their desires sexuality
the division of labor between more men
and women on a farm is an example of
___ space gendered
___ as text are things of
meaning that can be written and read landscape
geopolitics is largely about the
interaction between ___ and ___ territory and power
according to lecture, these two conflicts
are examples where women were
victims, perpetrators or peacemakers bosnian and liberian civil war
this defines territory, makes places, and
controls and regulates the flows of
people and goods borders/boundaries
the reacquisition of sovereignty and
territorial integrity following
colonization de-colonization
an example of this includes the
establishment and maintenance of
political and legal control by germany,
the belgium over the belgian congo colonialism
economic development is
geographically ___ across space uneven
this measures the total income of a
country, including foreign investment GNI (gross nation income)
this is a critique of GDP does not measure internal inequality
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