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HLTH 1000 Midterm: Unit 2 Study Guide Part 5

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HLTH 1000
Julie Kulas

Generally, men who exceed 22 percent body fat and women who exceed 35 percent are considered overweight, but these ranges vary with age and stages of life. (p. 302) There is no magic cure for years of overconsumption. Careful attention to portions, healthy choices from all of the food groups, and regular exercise are the best options for sustained weight loss. (p. 303) Before you can change a behavior, you must first determine what causes it. Identify at least 3 triggers that pertain to you. TV, Napping, excessive snacking (p. 304-305) Weight loss is difficult for many people and may require lots of effort, as well as supportive friends, relatives, and community resources. (p. 308) What are the 3 keys to successful weight management? (p. 309) • Make a plan • Change your habits • Incorporate exercise Having a healthy body image is a key indicator of self-esteem and can contribute to reduced stress, an increase sense of personal empowerment, and more joyful living. (p. 318) People with body dysmorphic disorder may try to fix their perceived flaws through abuse of steroids, excessive body building, repeated cosmetic surgeries, extreme tattooing, or other appearance-altering behaviors. (p. 321) An individual with an eating disorder may also have other disorders, which is another
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