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HLTH 1000 Final: Final Exam (Unit 3) Part 3

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East Carolina University
HLTH 1000
Julie Kulas

T or F: Granted there is mutual consent, to ensure you have a pleasurable sexual experience, it is important to give your partner lots of feedback. (notes) T or F: Porn is not a good tool to use when trying to get new ideas to please your partner because it is aimed at pleasing men’s erotic fantasies rather than mutual pleasure. Sexual identity, the recognition and acknowledgment of oneself as a sexual being, is determined by a complex interaction of genetic, physiological, environmental, and social factors. (p. 151) Bounds established by gender-role stereotypes can make it difficult to express one’s true sexual identity. (p. 151) Whereas gender roles are an expression of cultural expectations for behavior, gender identity is the personal sense of awareness of being masculine or feminine, a male or a female. (p. 152) Sexual orientation refers to a person’s enduring emotional, romantic, sexual, or affectionate attraction to others. (p. 152) The external female genitals are collectively known as the vulva and include all structures that are outwardly visible. (p. 153) The clitoris is located at the upper end of the labia minora and beneath the mons pubis, and its only known function is to provide sexual pleasure. (p. 153) Women typically ovulate (release an egg) on day 14 of a 28-day cycle. (p. 154) The scrotum protects the testes and helps control the temperature within the testes, which is vital to proper sperm production. (p. 157) Men and women experience the same stages in the sexual response cycle; however, the length of time spent in any one stage varies. Thus one partner may be in the plateau phase while the other is in the excitement or orgasmic phase. (p. 158) Rather than making blanket judgments about normal versus abnormal sexual behaviors, we might ask the following questions: (p. 158) • Is a sexual behavior healthy and fulfilling for a particular person? • Is it safe? • Does it lead to the exploitation of others? • Does it take place between responsible, consenting adults? The fact that you may fantasize about a particular sexual experience does not mean that you want to, or have to, act out that experience. (p. 159) If you partake in anal intercourse, note that condom usage is especially important, as the delicate tissues of the anus are more likely to tear than are vaginal tissues, significantly increasing risk of transmi
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