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HLTH 1000 Midterm: HLTH Exam 1 Unit 1 Study Guide (2017)

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HLTH 1000
Kurtis Kozel

HLTH 1000 Unit 1 Study Guide Staying Safe at ECU (online lesson) National statistics reveal that freshmen are the most likely victims of crime on college campuses. The most important resource to keep you safe at ECU is YOU . Locks are your first line of defense for residential personal safety. Theft is the number one crime on campus. To report student behavior that is concerning or threatening, but not necessarily criminal or indicating imminent danger, contact ECU Cares online, in person, or by phone (252) 7375555. According to a University of Georgia study, 93 of crimes against students occur off campus. Studies show that students can reduce their risk of being involved in a crime by 67 just by . Simple assault accounts for most violent crime involving college students. T or F: Male college students are twice as likely to be victims of violence. 80 of sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows . However you decide to get home, never leave a party or club alone with someone youve just met or dont know well. The Office of Victims Advocate assists all victims of crime on or off campus, including crimes such as relationship violence and sexual assault. It is a key campus resource that can both provide services and refer you to additional services that you might need. Their phone number is (252) 7371466, email is [email protected] and they are located at 137 Umstead. Chapter 2: Promoting and Preserving Your Psychological Health Most experts identify several basic elements shared by psychologically healthy people (38). They feel good about themselves; they feel comfortable with other people and feel respect and compassion for others; they control tension and anxiety; they meet the demands of life; they
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