[PHIL 1175] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes fot the exam (30 pages long!)

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30 Mar 2017

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Introduction: must utilize a concept that can be used to judge between right and wrong that applies to the subject matter. Mind is practical - practical reasoning laws: good should be done and evil avoided, seek their good by nature but humans thwart their nature (due to freedom, theos - theology (placeholder used for god) Intellect - contemplate things that do not exist in the world: ho =w to make it happen, reason - practical (accomplished or avoided, will, passions (emotions) - things that happen to you (easier) Immediate (the pleasure is real: disastrous to follow them, passion: i am acted upon vs. happiness: pleasure occurs overtime, have to be trained to take pleasure in the right things, human nature - capacity of a human species. Goodwill - obeys the moral law for no other reason (our moral dignity arises from our rational nature) Logic: quadrivium, arithmetic, astronomy, music, geometry, servile arts - practically useful, medicine.

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