RCLS 2601 Midterm: 2601 Midterm Study Guide Spring 2017

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East Carolina University
Recreation and Leisure Studies
RCLS 2601
Alison Murray

Midterm Exam Study Guide RCLS 2601 Spring 2017 1. Meanings of leisure a. From history i. Ancient Romans vs Ancient Greeks ii. Social Class iii. Schole and ascholia b. Modern times i. Goodale view of leisure ii. Leisure as free time iii. Leisure as recreational activity c. Name jobs and work locations that correspond with leisure 2. Leisures complexity a. Kellys Leisure Types b. Serious leisure c. Aristotle i. Eudaimonia d. Perceived freedom e. Intrinsic satisfaction f. Csikszentmihalyi Flow 3. Lesiure and Human Development a. Generational cohorts i. Childhood and adolescence ii. Early and middle adulthood iii. Older adulthood b. Constraints to leisure c. Human Development Theories i. Which ones were covered? ii. What do they suggest? 4. Play a. Importance of play b. Constraints to play c. Examples of play d. Stuart Browns Ted talk e. Different types of play 5. Work and leisure a. What is the relationship? b. What are the different relationships covered in class? c. Time deepening d. Work satisfactiondissatisfaction
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