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MGT 323 Quiz: Chapter 3 Q:AExam

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MGT 323
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MGT Chapter 3 Q/A!
1. A business owner makes a decision to reduce a plant’s workforce by 10% to cut costs and save
jobs for the other 90% of employees. This decision could be justified as ethical by using the
____ approach to moral reasoning.
a. utilitarian
b . individualism
c . justice
d . moral rights
2. If a manager fails to enforce a late-to-work policy for all workers—that is, allowing some
favored employees to arrive late without penalties—this would be considered a violation of
a . human rights
b . personal values
c . distributive justice
d . cultural relativism
3. According to research on ethics in the workplace, ____ is/are often a major and frequent
source of pressures that create ethical dilemmas for people in their jobs.
a . declining morals in society
b . long work hours
c . low pay
d . requests or demands from bosses
4. Someone who exposes the ethical misdeeds of others in an organization is usually called a/an
a . w h i s t l e b l o w e r
b . ethics advocate
c . ombudsman
d . stakeholder
5. Two employees are talking about ethics in their workplaces. Jay says that ethics training and
codes of ethical conduct are worthless; Maura says they are the only ways to ensure ethical
behavior by all employees. Who is right, and why?
a . Jay—no one really cares about ethics at work.
b . Maura—only the organization can influence ethical behavior.
c. Neither Jay nor Maura—training and codes can encourage but never
guarantee ethical behavior.
d . Neither Jay nor Maura—only the threat of legal punishment will make people act
6. Which ethical position has been criticized as a source of “ethical imperialism”?
a . Individualism
b . A b s o l u t i s m
c . Utilitarianism
d . Relativism
7. If a manager takes a lot of time explaining to a subordinate why he did not get a promotion
and sincerely listens to his concerns, this is an example of an attempt to act ethically according
to ____ justice.
a . utilitarian
b . commutative
c. interactional
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