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[PSY 111] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 75 pages long Study..
[PSY 111] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 75 pages long Study Guide!

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Elon University
PSY 111
C J E.Fleming

Elon PSY 111 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE find more resources at How Do We Draw Conclu. From Data? The Importance of ValidReliable Measures *Validity: measure leads to valid conc. *Reliability: consistency of measure o Several dif. meanings Testretest: SAT interrater: Same answer of test (exp. Positive blood test twice) intermethod: positive corr. of many approaches internal consistency: Results from measures in 1 test that positive corr. w each other You can obtain consist. result (reliab.) that lacks meaning (valid.) but a measure cant be valid wout being reliab. *Descriptive Statistics Use descript. stat.s to explore charac.s of data from research Help us organ. individ. pieces of data into patternssummaries Descrip. data only says abt. studied sample o Determin. if sample results apply to larger pop. Central Tendency Frequency distrb.: useful starting o Also should identify avg. score (central tend. of data set) Measures: o 1. *Mean: avg o 2. *Median: halfway mark in data set o 3. * Mode: w occurs most freq. Usefulness depends on research Q Advantage when 1+ modes in data set *Variability To look @, use *standard deviation o Small SD: scores found near mean find more resources at
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