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SPE - Speech
SPE 130
Dr.Mary P.Caulfield

Speech Rubric Speaker’s name: Criterion Rating Rating Rating Rating Score Excellent Good Satisfactory Needs Improvement Points 10-9 Points 9-8 Points 8-7 Points 7-6 Introduction (1) Gets attention Meets any three of Meets any two of Meets only one of (2) Clearly the four criteria the four criteria the four criteria identifies topic (3) Establishes credibility (4) Previews the main points Body Main points are Main points are Main points Main points clear, somewhat clear, need clarity are not clear well supported, and some support, and and support and have no support sources are some lack of and no sources or documented documentation sources and documentation documentation Conclusion (1) Reviews main Reviews main Brings closure Does not bring points points , brings closure; the (2) Brings closure closure audience is left (3) Memorable hanging Eye Contact Eye contact with Eye contact with Eye contact with Little or no eye audience virtually audience less than audience less than contact all the time (except 80% of the time 75% of the time for brief glances at notes) Use of Language Use of language Use of language Use of language Use of language is contributes to does not have causes potential inappropriate effectiveness of the
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