ARH 2000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Music Box, Flagellation, Silverpoint

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11 May 2019
conceptual unity
ideas are cohesively expressed
compositional unity
the composition of work is presented in an orderly fashion
gestalt unity
german - overall experience of a work
hotel eden
assemblage with music box. bird tied down
great wave of kanagawa
woodcut; repetition of waves
the flagellation
christ being whipped. oil on canvas
nature morte a la bureille
geometric forms repetition creating unity; oil on canvas
the dove
conceptual unity
found image
image presented by an artist with very little alteration; part of an art piece
asymmetrical balance
different visual on all sides
maci, six persimmons
apples with different shading; asymmetrical balance; ink on paper
amitayus mandala
healing of the planet; radial (360 degree) symmetry; sand art
taj mahal
perfect rotational symmetry; tomb for someones wife
discordant proportions
express meaning and create abstract imagery
hippo of zoological gardens
hippo is huge compared to people
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