ARH 2000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Mezzotint, Wood Engraving, Drypoint

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11 May 2019
Intaglio printmaking include
engraving and etching
relief printing includes
woodcut and wood engraving
(copper, zinc steel); have ridgelike texture
drypoint (intaglio)
engraving with a simple twist
intaglio printing encompasses many different media
engraving, drypoint,etching, (linear media)
mezzotint, and aquatint (nonlinear )
differs from engraving in the way lines are cut in the matrix
-deeper crevices hold more ink and print darker lines
Mezzotint is rarely used because____.
it is a painstaking and time consuming procedure
Mezzotint from the _________ word meaning "half tint"
an intaglio printmaking process that uses melted resin or spray paint to create an
acid-resistant ground
Soft-ground etching
employs a ground of softened wax and can be used to render the effects of crayon
or pencil drawings
lift-ground etching
The artist creates the illusion of a brush and ink drawing by brushing a solution
of sugar and water onto a resin-coated plate
One of a kind print made from painted or inked surface.
Graphic Design
Creative process that combines art and technology to convey a message.
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graphic design mediums include:
photography, printmaking, computer-aided design, and digital design.
Typography is _________________
designing and composing letterforms
page layout
intended to be stimulating yet refined, to complement the subject matter, and to
assist the reader in navigating the material
-consist of visual elements, including type and pictures(drawings and
a ________ is an emblematic design used to identify and advertise a company
or an organization
the oldest form of printmaking is ________, and most likely the first people to
use it were ancienct _________
woodcut; Chinese
the word photography is derived from __________ roots that mean "to write
with light"
images are made on___________surfaces(film), by light that passes through a
(mechanical process)
photosensitive; lens
In both the camera and the ____, light enters a narrow opening and is projected
onto a photosensitive surface.
human eye
truly an art of the hand, head, and heart
photography is
a matter of selection and interpretation; similar objects seen through the eyes of
different photographers will yield different results.
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