EGN 3321 Study Guide - Spring 2018, Comprehensive Midterm Notes - Psychology, Memory, Yousee

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12 Oct 2018

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Textbook terms & concepts from chapter 1: introducing psychology psyc a100/ernst/18f. Textbook terms & concepts from chapter 7: memory psyc a100/ernst. Textbook terms & concepts from chapter 1: introducing psychology psyc a100/ernst. Time and location: 10:30 a. m. to 11:20 a. m. m-w-f in room 312 of monroe hall. Office hours: mondays & wednesdays: 2:00 p. m. to 4:00 p. m. ; and by appointment. This course is a survey of the major fields of psychology. It is a prerequisite for all other psychology courses. Course objectives: the primary objective of this course is to provide a scientific overview of some basic and applied fields of psychology. Psychological science will be explored from several approaches; some of these include biological/physiological psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, and psychological disorders and treatment. Other objectives/goals include facilitate your understanding of behavior and cognition, increase your awareness and application of psychological principles to everyday situations, facilitate your appreciation for human diversity, and develop critical thinking.

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