BSC 1010 Final: Final Review part 2

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Biological Science
BSC 1010
John Geiger

The most common form of regulation in bacteria and eukaryotes is transcriptional control. homeostasis The maintenance of a constant environment in a cell An increased vulnerability to cancer is a likely risk in a clinical trial for a new drug that can activate telomerase. 5 ATGGTCAGT 3 5 ACTGACCAT 3 is complementary to Endonucleases and exonucleases are enzymes that can remove nucleotides. An endonuclease cuts DNA internally while an exonuclease chews away at the end of DNA DNA helicase is responsible for unwinding the double helix of DNA. Fourteen percent of the DNA nucleotides from a certain organism contain T. You would expect 14 A, 36 C, 36 G of the other bases to be present in this particular DNA. Replication always proceeds by adding new bases to 3 end. The lagging strand is replicated with stretches of Okazaki fragments and that is why its synthesis is considered to be discontinuous.
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