BSC 1010L Final: Final Exam

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Biological Science
BSC 1010L
Fallon Browning

Interphase chromosomes replicate during s phase, remain uncondensed each replicated chromosome has 2 genetically identical sister chromatids centrosome replicates=two centromeres Phrophase 1 90 of meiosis chromosomes being to condense homologuys chromosomes loosely pair Dna in nonsister chromatids break in synapse, synaptonemal complex forms between homologues, holding them tightly together along their lengths later in prophase, the synaptonemal complex disassembles, each chromosome pair becomes visible as TETRADS Tetrad has one or more chiasmata (crisscrossed region) where crossing over has occurred. holds them until anaphase 1. metaphase 1 pairs of homologous chromosomes are arranged on metaphase plate both chromatids are connected to kinetochore microtubules from one pole anaphase 1 chromosomes move toward poles sister chromatids remain attached at centromere and move as one unit to the same pole homologous chromosomes, each composed of two sister chromatids move to opposite poles
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