CGS 2060 Quiz: EXAM 3 NOTES

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Florida International University
Computer General Studies
CGS 2060
Jill Weiss

Quick Access Toolbar is a collection of buttons that provides oneclick acess to commonly used commands, such as Save, Undo, and Repeat. Tab Includes commands related to particular activities or tasks. The HOME tab includes options for formatting and editing text. Title bar displays the name of the open file and the program. Ribbon the main set of buttons and other tools you can use to complete tasks, It is organized into tabs and groups. Insertion point shows where characters will appear when you start typing Status bar provides information about the current document, such as the current page and number of words in the document; it also contains buttons and other controls for working with the document. Margins the blank spaces around the edges of a documents content. Paragraph Mark indicates the end of a paragraph. It is only visible if nonprinting characters are turned on. Non printing characters appears on the screen but not on the printed page.
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