ENC 1102 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Thesis Statement

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Published on 24 May 2017
In a professional or academic argument, a writer must:
never insult his audience in order to support his position
When choosing a topic and thesis for a written argument, it is important to make sure:
the topic and thesis are open to debate
Which statement is open to debate?
We should require cities to build a network of bike paths
Why is knowing your audience particularly important when writin a persuasive argument?
the writer needs to be sensitive to the audience's interests and needs
A written academic argument consists of:
writing a thesis statement with a position or claim and supporting that claim
Drawing attention to an opposing viewpoint to persuade an audience will:
show you are well-informed and able to counter the opposition's viewpoint
What must the writer do in the introduction of an argument essay?
state a clear position and establish credibility
When planning and writing an academic persuasive argument, you should:
consider evidence that could be useful to support your opinion, such as facts and statistics
When you know your readers do not initially agree with your views, how do you handle that
situation in an argument?
build common ground: seek out assumptions you might share with opponents
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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