SPC 4445 Lecture 1: SPC 1

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Published on 4 Sep 2019
Speech Communication
SPC 4445
Communication for Effective Leadership
Chapter One Notes
1.Trait Approach: Leaders are born with it. Each of us have unique leadership traits.
2.Behavior Approach: How people behave within certain situations
3.Situational Approach: Based on a specific situation
4.Relational Approach: Creating a relationship with the people you are leading
5.New Leadership Approach: Transformational Leadership.
Change & transform people.
6.Emerging Leadership Approaches: People who weren't always seen as leaders or could be
able to be leaders can be. Ex. Women, younger people
7.Approach: A general way of thinking about leadership, not necessarily based on research. Ex.
For you to be seen as a leader you need a degree, you need your followers to trust you or see you
as a leader.
8.Theory or Model: ...
9.Trait: Each of us have unique leadership traits but you can develop traits
10.Ability: You are able but natural capacity is something you can learn through hard work and
11.Skill: Leadership is a competency. A skill means you know how to do something
12.Behavior: It is about the actions of leaders. It requires tasks and process behaviors. Effective
leaders combine these two behaviors in the optimum way
13.Relationship: Communication is key between leaders and followers. Not linear but an
interactive process. Not top down. Mutual purposes imply an ethical dimension
14.Influence Process: A process whereby an individual influences a group to achieve a common
goal. Lead by example. Interactive event. Leaders affect followers. Stressing common goals
gives an ethical dimension to leadership.
15.The Dark Side of Leadership: When leaders use their influence or power for personal ends.
Toxic leaders leave their followers worse off than they found them. Three preconditions for
destructive leadership to occur: (a) destructive leader; (b) susceptible followers; (c) weak checks
and balances.
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