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SPC 4445 Lecture 5: SPC 5Exam

Speech Communication
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SPC 4445
William Parsons
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Communication for Effective Leadership
Chapter FIVE Notes
1.Change Leadership: Based on an analysis of a large number of earlier leadership measures.
Behaviors include: visioning, intellectual stimulation, risk-taking, and external monitoring.
Behaviors are closely related to leadership skills and vision.
2.Consideration behavior: _______________ builds:
Regard between leaders and followers
3.Employee orientation: An ______________ involves:
Taking an interest in workers as human beings
Valuing their uniqueness
Giving special attention to their personal needs
4.Concern for people: A _______________ involves:
Building trust
Providing good working conditions
Maintaining a fair salary structure
Promoting good social relations
5.What Kind of Leader is Needed: When followers feel uncertain about their roles and
responsibilities and want tasks to be clarified, task leadership is important. When followers want
to be affiliated or connected to others more than they want direction, relationship leadership is
important. Effective leaders recognize and adapt to followers' needs.
6.Leadership Skills: Learned competencies that leaders are able to demonstrate in performance.
Give people the capacity to influence others
Are a critical component in successful leadership
7.Administrative Skills: The competencies needed to carry out the purposes and goals of the
Involve planning, organizing work, and coordinating work activities. Allow leaders to
accomplish the mundane, but critically important, and aspects of leadership. Divided into three
specific skill sets: Managing people, managing resources, and showing technical competence
8.Interpersonal Skills: People skillsthe abilities that help a leader to work effectively with
subordinates, peers, and superiors, to accomplish the organization's goals
Divided into three specific skill sets:
Being Socially Perceptive
Showing Emotional Intelligence
Managing Interpersonal Conflict
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