Special Topics in Communication Notes Part 2 - did very well in the course!

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Florida State University
COM 3930r

Governing non-profit organizations Types of Governance and Structure for non-profit organization management • Balancing appropriate organizational governance o Broad involvement of members o Local and special interest involvement o Ability to make timely decisions o Necessary skills, talent and contacts o Have to balance the folks who want to be involved with the people you need. • Non-profit main governing bodies o Smaller leadership groups  Board fo directors  Board of trustees  Board of governors o Larger representative groups  House of delegates  General or constituent assembly • Factors in governance structures o Size  Membership size  Geographic distribution  Individuals vs. company members vs. chapters o Resources  Expertise of board members  Contacts of board members o Types of activities  Breath and depth of programs  Membership subdivisions  Committee structures • Levels of accountability o Total membership o Delegates or assembly o Board of directors o Executive committees • Sources of tension in governance o Special interest groups  Subsection created by emerging technology or new subspecialty o Chapters  Balance of power between national, regional, state and local organizations o Committees  Autonomy and acceptance/approval of activities o Board-staff relationships  Expectations of roles between board members and the chief staff executive… constant communication, but no guarantees • Staff-driven vs. member-driven o More staff-driven charities o Trade associations o More member-driven professional associations • Functions of boards/delegates o Establishing goals/expectations  Including mission, market, goods/services and geographic focus o Limitations on means used  “only what is perm
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