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COM 3930r

What are non-profit organizations? (The unique nature of associations) • What is a non profit organization o Group organized for reasons other than generating a profit o No part of income of organization given to its members o Profits may be generated by non profit organizational activities, but only for benefit of organization o Activities of organization, in most cases, are exempt from federal and state income taxes o For cause, not profit. o Trying to make profit, not focused on it o Will not get a return on investment, return on a purpose o Trying to get something done • Types of nonprofit organizations o Won’t talk about:  Churches  Public schools  Public charities/governmental  Political organizations o Will try to stay away from (governmental)  Political organizations  Labor unions  Volunteer service organizations o Will talk about  Professional associations  Trade associations  Private foundations (charitable, educational, research)  Federations of associations (i.e. united way of America) • Professional associations o Group of individual professionals formally joined together for a common purpose o Based on membership of individual, not companies o Obtain latest info on profession from individual perspective o Why join?  Scientific, affinity and religious/charitable/public  Share problems and brainstorm solutions  Educational needs/share knowledge  Legislative and regulatory advocacy (some types)* • Trade associations o Group of companies formally joined together for a common purpose o Based on membership of the company, not the individual o Why join?  Obtain latest information on industry from a company perspective  Unique nature of organization of competitors • Why would a BIG company want to join a trade organization o “keep friends close, and enemies closer”  Industry trends, management issues, ethics, new products  Educational needs  Legislative and regulatory advocacy o Power of many vs power of one • Foundations o Group of individuals and/or companies formally joined together for a common purpose o Based on unit of contribution, not on type of membership (i.e. monetary or in-kind donations) o Charitable, educational, research o Public advocacy- generate the latest information on their industry  Not “how will help company/members do better” how to promote the cause o Primary financial objectives to target money to related causes o Not typically involved in direct legislative advocacy*  Restrictions on organizational structure within irs (501 c3)- limits on legislative activity • Can talk “in general” about issues to the public • IRS 501c organizations o Organizations exempt from federal income taxes o 501(c)  (1): corporations organized under act of congress (federal credit unions)  (2): title holding corporation for ex
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