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MMC 2000
Stephen Mac Namara

MMC2000 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDEThe internetWWW Chapter 10The internet is free from limits of timedistance gives instant access to things everywhere and can carry uncensored news Financially the internet made 301 billion dollars in business and was responsible for 13 of the economic growth in 1998 The creation of the internet was all about communicationThe internet was really developed built on academic researchInternet a global network of interconnected computers that communicate freely and share and exchange informationNo one person really controls itReasons for the internet1The net is the product of the cold war In the war of 1962 information needed to be transferred around the country even if an area was destroyed by an enemy attack so computer scientists had to find a way to make this happen2The internet was initially built to protect national security in the face of nuclear attack Joseph CR LickliderPsychologist who thought of the idea that computers could be connected all together which would be useful in sharing information to other peopleForesaw linked computers creating a country of citizens who could be informed about interested in and involved in the process of government His hope was to couple the interaction of the human brain with computing machines together Other experts jumped on his idea and worked together to develop what we know today as the internet Charles BabbageProduced designs for the first computer that could conduct algebraic computations using stored memory and punch cards for inputoutputColossus the first electronic digital computer developed by the British to break the Germans secret codes during World War 2It reduced information to a binary code a code make up of numbers 1 and 0 Information could be stored and manipulated ENIAC Electronic Numerical CalculatorThe first full service electronic computerBased on John Atansoffs work and introduced by MauchlyEckertWas not intended to communicate because it was far too bigWeighed 60000 lbs and could fill up a whole auditorium UNIVAC Universal Automatic ComputerThe first successful commercial computerIBMHelped businesses find their way in the early days of the computer revolutionOne idea of IBM was to rent rather than sell computersARPA Advanced Research Projects AgencyUSSR Soviet Union launched Sputnik in 1957To catch up and surpass the Soviet Union President Eisenhower of the US created ARPA to pass them in space technologyEstablished to sponsor and coordinate sophisticated defenserelated research Was in charge of the space program until NASA was createdNASA does not equal computer science ARPA Commissioned Paul Baran to produce a plan that would enable the US military to maintain command over its missiles and planes even if a nuclear attack knocked out conventional means of communication Paul BaranHad to create an indestructible communication network where even if one part of the network was interrupted communication could still flow throughCreated the hotpotato network system to send a messageInformation flows along to find its way to the network as many times as it needs to like a mouse in a maze
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