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PUR 3000
Eric Coleman

Intro to Public Policy Midterm 1 Study GuideIncludes the notes from the text as well as lectures All information is taken from Kraft Michael E and Scott R Furlong Public Policy Politics Analysis and Alternatives Fourth ed Los Angeles SAGE Publications 2013 Print and class lecturesConcepts All concepts are highlighted throughout Public Policy Deontological EthicsTeleological EthicsEfficiencyMarket FailureMonopolyExternalityInformation Asymmetry Collective Action ProblemsTrends in Government GrowthSeparation of Powers o Legislative Branch o Judicial Branch o Executive BranchFederalismThe Role of the Public Government ConsolidationPolycentricityCommonPool ResourceOpen AccessCommon PropertySpecial Interest Groups o Role of the public in interest groupsGroup TheoryElite TheoryInstitutional TheoryRational Choice TheoryStages in the Policy Process ModelPolicy Analysis and Types of Policy AnalysisSteps in Policy AnalysisProblem AnalysisConstructing Alternatives o Policy InstrumentsIndependentDependent VariableCorrelationCausationOutputOutcomeEvaluation CriteriaCostbenefit AnalysisExperimentTreatment of Control GroupsCriticism of Experiments What is public policy Public Policy what public officials within government and by extension the citizens they represent choose to do or not to do about public problems Public problems refer to conditions the public widely perceives to be unacceptable and that therefore require intervention What Is Government and Who Does It Consist Of Government the institutions and political processes through which public policy choices are made The governments institutions include o Congress o The Presidento Various agencies of the executive branch o Federal court system In the Federal System the national government shares authority with the states and local governments What is Politics Politics the reason why public policy is so riddled with conflicts and why it can be so difficult to analyze concerns the exercise of power in society or in specific decisions over public policy It has several different meaningsIt is used to refer to the processes through which public policies are formulated and adopted Politics can also be thought of as how conflicts in society are expressed and resolved in favor of one set of interests or social values The issue positions that different groups of people adopt and the actions they take to promote their values Conservatives vs Liberals Conservatives want Liberals wantWant smaller governmentWant larger governmentArgue for less government intrusion intoRally against government threats to civil the economy and decision making within liberties and individual rights but are business and industry but they often among the first to call for government favor a strong government role to achieve regulation of business activity to protect certain social goals such as reducing consumers and workers or to control air crime or banning abortions and water pollutionRed states are Republican while Blue states are DemocraticWhy Do We Have Public Policies People are rationally selfinterestedthey do things in their best interest If there are no rules and no beliefs people may behave badly
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