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CGS 2060 Quiz: Quiz 12

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Computer Science
CGS 2060

Quiz 12 connectivity port - gives you access to networks and the Internet or enable your computer to function as a fax machine ethernet port - transfers data at speeds up to 1000mbps, this also connects your computer to a digital subscriber line (DSL) or cable modem or network modem port - uses a traditional telephone signal to connect to the Internet over the phone line video graphics array (VGA) - port which CRT monitors connect digital video interface (DVI)/ S-video (super video) - newer products use these ports for a better video quality high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) - a compact audio-video interface that carries both high -definition video and uncompressed digital audio on one cable sleep mode - all of the documents, applications and data you were using remain in RAM where they are quickly accessible when you restart your computer hibernate - another power-saving mode that stores your data in memory and saves it to your computer's hard drive warm boot - restarting your system while its powered on ergonomics - an applied
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