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CGS 2060 Quiz: Quiz 9

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Computer Science
CGS 2060

Quiz 9 Bluetooth - a wireless transmission standard that facilitates the connection of electronic computing devices such as cell phones, smartphones, and computers to peripheral devices such as keyboards and headsets cursor control key - aka "arrow key" because each one is represented by an arrow on standard keyboards optical mouse - uses an internal sensor/laser to detect the mouse's movement trackball mouse - has the rollerball on top of on the side of the mouse, and you move the ball with your fingers, allowing the mouse to stay stationary touch pad - a small, touch sensitive area at the base of the keyboard magnifier - pulls up a magnification box that you can drag around the screen to enhance viewing of hard-to-read images customizable buttons - provide extra buttons on the mouse that you can program to perform the functions that you use most often to help you speed through tasks web search - allows you to quickly highlight a word or phrase and then press the search button on the mouse to start a Web search file storage - includes a wireless USB receiver that contains flash memory to store or back up your fields touch screen - a display screen t
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