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AMH 2020
Tarah Luke

US prior to reconstructionBritish take control and Americans are unsettledBoycotttea partyrevolutionUS has independent states then come together o Problems just as not uniformed currency problem with economy o Problems with lack of governmento Slaves1616 first slaves came to the US They worked for several years than became free Not racial at firstSlavery became racialNorth becomes industrializedElection of Abraham Lincoln 1860Lincoln believed as long as slavery did not spread it would disappearSouth Carolina was the first state to succeedLincoln wanted a unified AmericaLincoln only brought up the slavery issue in the war when the North needed more motive to win over the southEmancipation proclamation freed the slaves living in the United StatesIndustrialization kicks in and the North wins the civil warTension after the civil warLincoln was the best hope for reconstruction of the North and the SouthLincoln shot and died at playAndrew Johnson becomes president 18651869 Democrat and Southerner didnt learn to read until early 20sAndrewss main goal was to bring the North whites and south whites to come together Did not care about the blacksLincolns plan for reconstruction o Lincoln wanted 10 southerners to sign loyalty oath o Each state would promise to abolish slaveryo Each former confederate state would agree to provide education to free them and educate the slaves o Lincoln was worried without education slaves would live the same life before freedom o Lincoln never mention black civil rights or voting rights o Congress is worried Lincolns plan is to light on the south tho 14 of Mississippis money to brought to buying o 1879 cotton goes back to normalJohnsons plan for reconstruction o No loyalty oaths for south o If you have over 20000 you must go to the white house tho Insists every state in south ratify 13 amendment abolish slaveryo No concern for African American rightsRadical republicans were lead by Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner o Wanted to help blacks and go against the south o Leaders in the confederacy was taking seats in congress and that pissed the radical republicans off o Very vengeful o Institution of black codes did not agree with black codes gave African Americans rules such as who they would marry how far they could travel etc replaced slave rules o Decided they didnt want Johnson in office as president1865 Freedmans Bureau was initially proposed under Lincoln o The Freedmans Bureau would provide education for the freedmans schools were built o Johnson vetos this bill o Radical republicans didnt not agree with the veto and pass the civil right act of 1866Civil rights act of 1866 o Johnson did not agree got drunk gave a speech to bash the radical republicans o Act of 1866 still passes o Then Johnson decides to pass the freedman Bureau th The radical republicans passed the 14 amendment in 1868 which defined citizenshipNative Americans are still not considered American Citizens for about another 30 yearsCongressional or radical reconstruction acts 1867 o Reconstruction acts divides into 5 districts Southerners cant be in charge of military districts o Radical republicans enforce the blacks must have the right to voteSoutherners did not agreeCauses conflict with the southImpeachment of Andrew Johnson o Johnson tries to get the people to vote for the radical republicans oThe radical republicans brings up 11 accusations to get him impeached10 year office act says a president can not remove cabinet members that have been approved by senate without approval from themJohnson removed Edwin Stanton who was a radical republican without permission from the senateCongress voted to impeach JohnsonEdmund ross of senate was the one to vote and voted to keep Johnson 3519 he was bribed by JohnsonJohnson was impeached but stayed in officeAfter office went to be on senateElection of 1868 o US grant running for presidency as a republican slogan let us have peace with reconstruction o Grant won against Horatio Seymour tho Grant passes 15 amendment 1870tho The 15 amendments give all blacks the right to vote o Grant won election by blacks o Grant elected again in 1872 Radical Reconstruction in the South o A lot of southerners immigrate to Europe or Brazil still have slaves
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