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WOH-4244 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Japanese Militarism, Lebensborn, Eugenics

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Rafe Blaufarb
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Versailles Treaty (check class notes for more detail)
Ends WWI
Germany made to pay massive reparations
German military reduced
Hitler comes to power in 1933, does not care about Versailles treaty (not a
Benito Mussolini
Mussolini aug 1940 sees germans winning victories and orders troops to
start attacking things
Japanese Militarism
Japan not truly Fascist
Very aggressive authoritarian regime
Military expansion
Emperor manifests national unity
1931 Manchuria (north of Korea, not part of China)
Japanese could take it over, gain control of major railroad
Manchuria governed by Chinese warlord
Some junior officers come up with plot to kill warlord and are
Launch invasion of Manchuria
Begins invasion of China
Border wars with USSR
Enabling Act
Sets up concentration camps
Communists, people with “antisocial” tendencies, meants for
antimoral Germans (homeless, homosexuals, mentally ill, drug
addicts, criminals, genetic disorders)
Labor camps to some extent (not mass extermination camps) but
many still die
People with defects were sterilized
Many (children) were voluntarily sent by families at
suggestion of Nazi party
Begin experimenting with poison gas
For unwed Aryan mothers with Aryan children where they could
have their child
Direct attempt by Nazis to encourage Aryan pregnancies
Illegal to abort Aryan baby
Sometimes forced abortions for non-Aryans
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