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Social Psychology COMPLETE NOTES [Part 13] -- got 92% in the course

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Chapter 13 - Conflict and Peacemaking  Conflict- perceived incompatibility of goals; people think that one side’s gain is another side’s loss  What breeds conflict? • Social dilemmas → Social trap: a situation in which the conflicting parties, by each rationally pursuing its own self-interest, become caught in mutually destructive behavior ⇒ Prisoner’s Dilemma- you and another person are caught committing a crime and you are taken in to be interrogated separately; your options are to confess and turn the other person in or to keep silent (the other person has the same options); each option has its own pay off and you don’t know what the other person is doing • If one confesses and one keeps silent, the one who confesses goes free and the other stays in jail for 20 years; if you both stay silent, you both stay in jail for 5 years; if you both stay silent, you both only get 1 year • Most people end up defecting (confessing) and they end up going to jail; if they would’ve worked together rather than putting their own self-interest first, they could get off better • People could do better by cooperating with other prisoner but don’t because they’re unable to trust each other ⇒ Tragedy of the Commons • Competition → Competition kindles conflict → Robber’s Cave experiment ⇒ Two groups of boys (Eagles and Rattlers) that were set up to like each other (in- group) ⇒ Competition introduced set up where whoever wins, wins everything ⇒ Conflict resulted ⇒ Superordinate goal: • Groups didn’t get along until induced to
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