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Social Psychology COMPLETE NOTES [Part 17] -- got 92% in the course

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Florida State University
SOP 3004

Health Psychology  What is health psychology? • Examines the relationship between psychological behavior and physical health/illness; focus is on wellness and prevention of illness  Stress • (Selye) body’s physiological response to threatening events; it is the response to a stimulus; nonspecific – variety of stressors would all lead to the same response; this definition suggests that all stress responses are the same (too simplistic) • (Holmes and Rahe) degree to which people have to change and readjust their lives in response to an external event; interactionist view of stress – there is an interaction between environmental stimuli and the person; you can be stressed over positive or negative events • (**Lazarus and Folkman**) negative feelings and beliefs that occur whenever people feel unable to cope with demands from their environment; stressor : any environmental demand that creates a state of tension or threat (stress) and requires change or adaption (adjustment) → Stage 1: Primary appraisal – is potential stressor a threat or challenge? No = feel less stressed, yes = go to stage 2 → Stage 2: Secondary appraisal – can I cope with the stressor? Yes = feel less stressed, no = feel more stressed → Stage 3: Reappraisal – new information becomes available, is it still a threat/challenge? No = feel less stressed, yes = feel more stressed • General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) → The same set of physiological reactions to stress occur regardless of the particular cause of stress → Stage 1: Alarm and mobilization stage ⇒ Occurs when people become aware of the stressor ⇒ Biological level: sympathetic nervous system becomes energized, helping to cope initially with the stressor → Stage 2: Resistance stage ⇒ People prepare themselves to fight the stressor → Stage 3: Exhaustion stage ⇒ Person’s ability to adapt to the stressor declines to the point where negative consequences of stress appear: physical illness ⇒ Psychological symptoms: inability to concentrate, heightened irritability, disorientation, loss of touch with reality; people wear out and their physical reserves are taxed to the limit • Top 5 stressors for college students → Concern over meeting high standards → Being lonely → Fear of wasting time → Troubling thoughts about future → Not getting enough sleep • Coping Strategies
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