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Social Psychology COMPLETE NOTES [Part 19] -- got 92% in the course

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Social Psychology in the Court Room  Eyewitness Testimony • Vivid personal stories are persuasive • Eye witness testimony is influential, even when weak → Loftus study ⇒ P’s presented robbery-murder case with circumstantial evidence (no evidence actually tying them to the crime) ⇒ What % of p’s convicted? 18% ⇒ With one eyewitness – over 70% ⇒ Discredited eyewitness – still 68% • Problems with eyewitness testimony → Many people are not very good at it → They aren’t calm situations where you can sit back and memorize what’s going on and what the people look like → Staged assault on professor ⇒ Asked to identify 7 weeks later ⇒ 60% of people identify wrong person • Influencing perceptions → Our expectations and pervious experiences influence our perceptions ⇒ We interpret ambiguous information based on what we expect to see  Misinformation effect • Loftus showed P’s slides of an auto accident → Half showed car at a stop sign, half at a yield sign; p’s asked “Did another car pass the Datsun while it was stopped at the stop(yield) sign?” → Some were asked about the wrong thing; some who saw the stop sign were asked about the yield sign and vice versa → When asked about the same thing that they saw, about 75% got it right; when they were asked about a different thing, only about 41% of the people got it right → People couldn’t exactly remember which sign they saw so they just assumed that the sign they were asked about was the sign they saw • Misinformation effect: people incorporate misleading information (e.g., suggestive questions) into their memory of an event → Can lead to completely false memories ⇒ Ceci asked children once a week for 10 weeks • “Can you remember going to the hospital with a mousetrap on your finger?” then a new adult asked them ab
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