THE-2000 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: African Grove, Athol Fugard, Wole Soyinka

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25 Oct 2016

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THE2000 Midterm Review
1. Aesthetic distance: gap between a viewer’s conscious reality and the fictional
reality in a work of art
2. A-effect: verfremdunungseffekt, distance the audience and then draw them
back again in
3. Athens: Greek and roman theatre, comedies
4. Blocking: process of directing physical movement, setting of movements of
the actors about the space and business (directing stage actions)
5. Catharsis: allow the audience the opportunity to experience emotions in a
relative safety of the theatre, Aristotle
6. Century cycle: 10 play cycle, Wilson
7. Chitin circuit: black theatre, comedies that deal with real issues, Tyler Perry
8. Choregos: producer of Greek tragedy, pays for stuff
9. City Dionysia: the festival of thespians, 7 days, the Lenaia
10. Colonialism:
1. Athol Fugard: euro styles
2. Wole Soyinka: use euro forms but focus on how colonialism affects African
3. Ngugi wa Thiongso: keeps traditions alive
11. Color- blind casting: Wilson against it because race makes you unique,
Brustein for it because to no do it is segregation
12. Content & form: what is play about? How will it be told?
13. Dues ex machine: arm-like device that lowered things on to the stage (god)
14. Didaskalos: playwrights of Greek tragedy theatre, teaches: audience, actors,
15. Ekkyklema: machinery, a wheeled platform rolled out, dead people
16. Fourth wall: between actor and audience
17. Gesamtkunstwerk: Complete or total art work, Richard Wagner
18. Global Theatre & reconstruction: London, Sam Wanamaker, saw it and
wanted to fix it
19. Great man theory: creative acts of human genius, western theatre, thespis
and Aeschylus
20. Given circumstances: actor uses first person to explore ways in how he
would react, Stanislauskly
21. Griot: African storyteller
22. (amartia: missing the mark, character flaw, protagonist
23. Humors:
1. Sanguine: air: spring: hot & moist: bold & loving
2. Choleric: fire: summer: hot & dry: angry & impulsive
3. Melancholy: earth: winter: cold & dry: sad & solitary
4. Phlegmatic: water: fall: cold & moist: lazy & fat
24. Ludi Romani: roman theatre festival
25. Mahabharata: seminal indian text from 250 BCE, longest epic poem in the
26. Melodrama: most popular form 19th C, music drama, escape form social ills
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