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HIST 1400 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: History Of Latin America, Carmen Miranda, EthnocentrismExam

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HIST 1400
Study Guide

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Is Latin America considered apart of Western Culture?
What constitutes Latin America?
Carmen Miranda
was a Portuguese-born Brazilian samba singer, dancer, Broadway actress, and film star who was
popular from the 1930s to the 1950s.
Pan-latinism languages and dialects derived are distinct from the Anglo-Saxon ones
- Latin America was a French idea
- Tremendous amount of diversity (culturally, religiously, socially) in each country
4 Main Historical Patterns of Latin American History
1. Iberian (Spanish and Portuguese) Colonialism
2. Common Economic Structures
a. Export Oriented
3. Idea of “late-developing” nations
a. Social Inequality
b. Shared cultural influences
c. Conflict with the U.S.
4. Transnational context of immigration and migration
a. Strengthen the idea of a Pan-Latin American identity
i. Struggle to find a meaningful identity for people to relate with
The Problems with Problems in Latin American Historiography
Began with a quest for “what went wrong”
Many questions on the disarray happening throughout the continent
Organized Latin American history around negative questions
Blamed these “problems” on Iberian cultural heritage
Have very little opportunity to progress; pessimism
But this is very ethnocentric, no professor will acknowledge this now
- Prejudices and hierarchies within Latin culture
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