INSY 2299 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Internet, Xml, Web Service

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It has the potential to do great things for us. Sometimes we take it"s benefits for granted. The consequences of it are not necessarily positive. Billions of people have access to computing and telecommunications devices, which changes the way that we shop, communicate, socialize, etc. Business is changed by it too: new technologies foster globalization, fuel data-driven decision-making, and raise privacy and security concerns. Every business discipline is deeply and profoundly impacted by technology: technology skills are built into all jobs. An information system (is) is the application of information technology (it) to solving business problems and supporting business processes: ex. Day-to-day interactions generate data; companies use data to improve their operations (business analytics) Excel is a part of business analytics too. An electronic spreadsheet: consists of rows, columns, and cells. Gives users the ability to build an interactive tool, particularly with formulas.

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